Recent years saw the rise of Kurdish Cinema, thanks to the films of Kurdish directors living
in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Kurdish Diaspora. As a result of this relative rise the Kurds have
been a popular topic in the world cinema circles. The recently shot films of certain Kurdish
directors should be accepted as the milestones of the Kurdish Cinema Movement.  

KurdishCinema has been created to provide theoretical, historical and practical information
and to present the academic works and discussions on Kurdish films-cinema to the
movie-lovers. Other aims of KurdishCinema is to create a common address for those who are interested in Kurdish Cinema
and to improve the connections between those people by providing the relevant particulars.

KurdishCinema is open to everybody who is interested in Kurdish Cinema in one way or another. In particular,
KurdishcCinema encourages those people who are interested in Kurdish Cinema on academic level, who cares about
Kurdish films and directors. In this sense anyone who has something to say about Kurdish Cinema are welcomed to express
their opinions. The pages of KurdishCinema are totally open to everybody who writes a review on a Kurdish film, or a film
about Kurds, conducts an interview with a Kurdish directors etc.

About the editor

Devrim Kilic has graduated at La Trobe University Cinema Department in Melbourne with a BA Honours degree in 2005. He
wrote his thesis on Bahman Ghobadi’s cinema titled “The Representation of Kurdish Identity and Culture in the Films of
Bahman Ghobadi”. Devrim also completed his degree in Turkey at Ege (Aegean) University Communication Faculty Rd. TV.
and Cinema Department in 1999. Devrim is currently continuing his study at La Trobe University Cinema Department doing
his master by course work.

I think for Kurds the expression of thoughts and feelings or the reflection of events in the form of film are needed very much.
For this reason I respect and care about any filmic/academic work (be it Kurdish films, festivals or researches on Kurdish
cinema etc.) that has been done and will be done with respect to Kurds.

As the editor of KurdishCinema I want to share my works and the information, news and any articles that I find during my
research on Kurdish cinema, with the reader.

In the hope of seeing more and quality Kurdish films, hello to everyone.

KurdishCinema will only improve with your contribution!

devrim kilic
editor in chief

e-mail: kurdishcinema@hotmail.com