Kurdish Film Festivals across the world

Paris Kurdish Film Festival

The first Paris Kurdish Film Festival will be held from 23 to 30 October 2007 in Paris,
France. More more information please visit:

Loondon Kurdish Film Festival

London Kurdish Film Festival is the first Kurdish film festival organized in the world in 2001.
This year the 4th London Kurdish Film Festival will take place from 8 December to 14
December 2006 in UK and The festival committee is asking Kurdish and non-Kurdish
directors to send their films to the festival.  

Montreal Kurdish Film Festival

The first Montreal Kurdish Film Festival will will kick of on 28 of October and finish on 9 of
November 2006. Montreal Kurdish Film Festival is organized by the Cinémathèque
Québécoise and Montreal Kurdish Institute and supported by Kurdish Regional
Government, Montreal City Council and Kurdish Institute of Paris.

Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival

First Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival will be held in the city of Hamburg in Germany
between 19-25 April 2007 at Cinema 3001.

Koln Kurdish Film Festival

Köln First Kurdish Film Festival will take place between 30 September - 3. October in 2006
at Ludwig Museum cinema.more

Frankfurt Kurdish Film Festival

Berlin Kurdish Film Festival

Melbourne Kurdish Short Film Festival

The First Melbourne Kurdish Short Film Festival (MKFF) will be held in Melbourne in March
2007. The exact date and venue will be announced soon. As the festival committee we
encourage Kurdish directors and non-Kurdish directors to contribute to the MKFF with their
films. In particular new and young directors are welcomed. Festival's web site:

Zamawand Kurdish Short Film Festival

Following the phenomenal success of Zamahwand 2005, the Kurdish Creative Film Centre
would like to present Zamahwand 2006, a two-day Kurdish Arts and Short Film Festival
held at the Red Cinema in Salford Quays on the 30th September and 1st October.

Tawar Short Film Festival

Women Union of Kurdistan is organizing a short film festival which will concentrate on
women’s issue, in Sulaimaniyah city of South Kurdistan. It has been decided that the
festival which will take place on International Women day at March 8 in 2007 will be
organized annually from now on.